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Cleaning the intestines

Cleaning the intestines

Have you ever felt that something is wrong with your organism? Even if you are not ill. In such cases you become weaker, any food does not help you and you do not enjoy your job. Why all these happen with you? Answers can be different. It can be symptoms of illness or stress or your organism warns that a lot of wastes and toxins are accumulated in bowels. If it is so, then it is a time to clean bowels.

What is the slagging organism?

It is weakness, sluggishness, apathy, rapid fatigability, weakness irritability, daytime sleepiness and sleeplessness at night, sallow complexion, circles and bags under eyes, dermal precipitation, nausea, headache, stomach rumbling and bad smell of body even after taking shower… Due to slagging organism you have all these troubles and it is difficult to have well-developed body (lose weight or gain weight). You only dream of healthy body, but have not will to go for gymnastics, walk or even do daily exercises.

Irregular nutrition, stresses, and sedentary life overload metabolism process and organism cannot manage with cleansing process itself.

Why bowel cleaning is necessary? During our life time, we may live in harmful ecological conditions, eat semi-prepared foods, breathe in automobile exhausts and also periodically smoke and drink alcohols… Naturally, our organism cannot to manage with all these ballast substances and at the result impacted feces and toxic wastes are accumulated in bowels. “Interior pollution” weakens immune system of organism and becomes origins of chronic lassitude, allergy and diabetes. It can also be reason of migraine, weakness and makes diseases of alimentary organs chronic. Therefore, many doctors also advise regularly to clean bowels.

The system “21-Day Herbal Cleansing program” contains 25 important micro and macro elements which help to clean bowels. Your large and small intestines (bowels) will be completely clean from mucus, impacted feces and parasites after using “21-Day Herbal Cleansing program” system in two or three weeks. Moreover, bowel microfloras will be preserved. Most importantly, you will feel healthy. Clean your organism and be healthy!

Digestive issues can affect weight, energy, immunity and skin. Jump start healthy digestion with our enhanced 21-Day Herbal Cleansing program – which contains healthy antioxidants and herbs traditionally used to promote digestive balance:

  • AM Replenishing Formula – A morning tablet with Milk Thistle, which helps promote the body’s natural elimination of toxins.
  • PM Cleansing Formula – An evening tablet that contains Dandelion, traditionally used to support healthy elimination.